How do you mend a broken heart? (ETRF, 2012) crew role: director/camera operator/editor

Gingerbread Men (Juxtaposition Pictures, 2010) crew role: sound recordist

The One-Eyed Man is King (Heywood Productions, 2009) crew role: co-director & co-writer

The End (Heywood Productions, 2009) crew role: location sound assistant

The Farm (Juxtaposition Pictures, 2009) crew role: assistant director

Wardrobe (Samantha Silver Productions, 2009) crew role: sound recordist

Jonathan Through The Letterbox (Tim/Tom Productions, 2008) crew role: assistant director

Admiring Austen (Bristol University, 2008) crew role: assistant director

Ricochet (Bristol University, 2008) crew role: sound designer

Snap (Bristol University, 2008) crew role: writer

The Middle Man (Bristol University, 2008) crew role: editor

A Piece of England (Bristol University, 2007) crew role: researcher / editor

Bad Hair Day (D.U. Filmmakers, 2007) crew role: writer /director /producer / editor

Vanity (Aporia Productions, 2006) crew role: co-director /co-writer

The Out of Ciders (D.U. Filmmakers, 2006) crew role: art director

Too Little, Too Late (D.U. Filmmakers, 2006) crew role: camera operator / special effects make-up artist

La Vie (D.U. Filmmakers 2005) crew role: boom operator

Obscenity Box (D.U. Filmmakers 2005) crew role: boom operator

Timing (IADT, 2005 ) crew role: writer / director

Tantastic (D.U. Filmmakers, 2005) crew role: writer / director / editor

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