A Beginner’s Guide to Binaural Technology

What is it? Binaural sound technology is preoccupied with producing 3Dlike sound. It differs from stereo recordings, which artificially splits sound in to left and right channels to recreate sonic directionality. Instead, binaural sound technology records sound the way our two ears would naturally hear the world. Just as one needs 3D glasses to enjoy 3D visual media, binaural technology requires a [...]

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Throwing out the rulebook: fidelity, sound and meowing dogs

In the marriage between vision and sound in cinema, sound is constantly burdened with the expectation of fidelity. The fidelity of  visuals is rarely analysed. In contrast, the critical question of fidelity and sound repeatedly boils to the surface. Scahffer (1977, p. 9)  discusses the fidelity of ‘earwitnesses’. For instance All Quiet on The Western [...]

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Thoughts on sound space

Understanding that sound has a ‘spatial dimension’ because it comes from a source (Bordwell and Thompson, 1997), a key sequence in The Wrestler is an intriguing study of edited space because it combines a myriad of sonic sources. The result is a creative exploration of temporal space, liminal space, diegetic sounds (where a sound’s source [...]

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